This article misses the mark on SO many points.

While I'm never in favor of teachers scoffing at any of their student's dreams, that's a bad example that probably does more harm to your argument than helps it, making you look like the unreasonable one. Statistically speaking, your chance of becoming an NFL quarterback is laughably miniscule, and the fact that you'd not-so-subtly attribute it to your race paints you as more of the overly race-conscious person than her.

Also, you have grossly misinterpreted "disproportionately affects" for some *particular* agenda. There is real systemic racism in this country, and real systemic lingering effects of past racism that, yes, disproportionately affects people of color and needs to be addressed. This is why it was a part of the Civil Rights Act in the first place.

That's not to say that EVERYTHING that is racist, but there is a reason why it is addressed often enough--because it needs to be eradicated so that people like you don't HAVE to work twice as hard to accomplish the same thing as white people. Why you'd be opposed to that is beyond me.

In other words, NOT a handout or hand-up or whatever it is your daughter was so unsportsmanlike dismissing on the field as some symbolic manifestation of her father's insecurities.

Be thankful that "disproportionately affects" has been a thing that people have addressed. I doubt your daughter would have ever made it to that college in the first place if people weren't out there taking a closer look at it.



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